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Month: February 2017

“Distant Worlds” Short Story Collection

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, but this weekend I finally got around to compiling several of my published short stories into a single volume. Distant Worlds features seventeen complete short stories, including two exclusive, unpublished stories you can’t find anywhere else. The best part is that you can get this pdf collection for free simply by signing up with my author updates email list. In addition to the pdf, you’ll get updates on new releases and book events. You’ll also receive a free copy of Chronicle, a music sampler containing twelve tracks from the first six Morana’s Breath releases.

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“Lena’s Song”: A Short Story Reinterpreted

A few years ago, shortly after completing my first novel, I tinkered around with the idea of writing stories in the cyberpunk genre. I’d written mostly fantasy and horror up to that point, so cyberpunk seemed like a fun alternative. While I knew a fair bit about the genre, I wanted to try doing something a bit different. My first attempt was a story entitled “The First Price,” which appeared in the Dystopian Express anthology (Hydra Publications, 2015).  The story provided only the vaguest hints of a setting, but it intrigued me enough to write another story that took place in the same futuristic city. That second story, which followed the efforts of an ambitious young guitar player to impress the audience at her first gig, became “Lena’s Song,” which appears in Darkscapes, a new anthology from Curiosity Quills Press.

Since music plays such a central role in the story, I thought it would be cool to write a Morana’s Breath song that tied in with the story for the album I was working on at the time (the cyberpunk-themed Cybergothic).  A little less than a year ago, I tried to get a new band project off the ground by writing and recording about a dozen songs. The band never quite came together, but one of the songs had a great guitar part that really stuck with me. When I started throwing ideas around for a musical interpretation of “Lena’s Song,” I decided to include that guitar part in the new song. The original song (an alternative rock song entitled “The Cure”) featured all live instruments with the exception of the drums. To transform it into a Morana’s Breath song, I reworked the bass and rhythm sections around the guitar with electronic instruments and then added in a new synthesizer melody to give it more of a cyberpunk edge.

I think it turned out pretty good, capturing a lot of the spirit of the short story. If you want to check out the final results, I’ve posted a link below to view the song on YouTube. Feel free to leave comments if you enjoy and be sure to check out “Lena’s Song” in Darkscapes! You might also want to check out the Morana’s Breath album Cybergothic, which features not only “Lena’s Song,” but also a musical interpretation of my other cyberpunk story, “The First Price.”

Darkscapes Anthology Now Available on Amazon

Darkscapes, a new anthology from Curiosity Quills Press, was released on Amazon last week. It is currently only available in Kindle ebook format, but print copies will be available soon. The anthology features my short story, “Lena’s Song,” as well as stories by bestselling authors J.R. Rain and Piers Anthony. Here’s a full description from the publisher:

“Curiosity Quills Press explores yearning, regret, and fear with the Darkscapes Anthology — a spellbinding collection of dark fantasy, sci-fi, cyberpunk, horror, and detective fiction. Delve into worlds of terrible family secrets, unexpected doppelgängers, a home invasion on an alien planet, androids and assassins, places and people who aren’t as stable as they seem, frustrated musicians going to desperate lengths — and more.”

Darkscapes available now on Amazon Kindle

And if you’re fond of horror stories, be sure to also check out Dark Horizons, an anthology of dark science fiction from Elder Signs Press.

Dark Horizons available now on Amazon (Kindle and trade paperback)

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