About a year ago, I started selling the electronic music I recorded under the name “Morana’s Breath” on BandCamp. While BandCamp is a great site, it’s not the most convenient way to buy music. After mulling over the available options, I finally decided to take the plunge and invest a bit of money to get the albums listed on more popular music stores.

As of today, you can now buy every Morana’s Breath album on iTunes and stream them on Spotify. Google Play and Amazon Music listings are in the pipeline as well. You can simply click on the links below or search the associated apps for “Morana’s Breath” (works with or without the ‘).

Buy on iTunes         Stream on Spotify

If you like what you hear, leave a rating and a review on iTunes (or whichever service you’re downloading from). If you’re streaming on Spotify, be sure to follow the artist profile to get updates for new releases and to give it a boost in whatever sorcerous algorithms Spotify is using these days to help people discover music. Adding it to playlists will probably help too.