Book I: The Walls of Dalgorod                                      Book II: Mirona’s Law



“The Wolf Queen” in Hammer of the Gods II: Ragnarok (Rogue Planet Press, 2017)

Print version

“Sins of the Father” in Divergent Fates Anthology (2017)

Print/Kindle version

“Lena’s Song”  in Darkscapes (Curiosity Quills Press, 2017)

     Amazon Kindle version

“A Small Plot of Land” in Dark Horizons (Elder Signs Press, 2016)

     Print version

“The Iron Face of God” in Under a Brass Moon (Curiosity Quills Press, 2016)

     Print version

     Amazon Kindle version

“Mira” in Don’t Open Till Doomsday (PunksWritePoemsPress, 2016)

     Print version

“Turlington Manor” in The Body (Thirteen O’Clock Press, 2016)

     Print version

“The First Price” in Dystopian Express (Hydra Publications, March 2016)

     Kindle version

“The Harvester” in Bad Neighborhood (Spooky Words Press, December 2015)

     Print version

“The Armageddon Line” in Fall of the Galactic Empire (Rogue Planet Press, December 2015)

     Print version

“The Temple of the Shrieking Goddess” in Coven (Purple Sun Press, September 2015)

     Print/Kindle version

“Where Gods Fear to Tread” in Swords Against Cthulhu (Rogue Planet Press, June 2015)

     Print version

“The Shoggulators” in The Fall of Cthulhu vol. 2 (Horrified Press, June 2015)

     Print version

“Homecoming” in Rejected (ACA Books, March 2015)

     Amazon Kindle version

     Print version

     Reprinted in Alone (Thirteen O’Clock Press, 2016)

     Print version

“The Siege of Osric” in Encounters magazine (late 2014)

     PDF version of Encounters #12

“The Tree” in Bastion Science Fiction Magazine (June 2014)

     Weightless Books ebook version

     Amazon Kindle version

     Barnes & Noble NOOK version

“Rain & Iron” in True Dark (Red Skies Press, 2013)

     Print version of True Dark

     Reprinted in 9Tales Told in the Dark #6 (September 2015)

     Ebook version

     Reprinted in Odd Tree Quarterly #1 (October 2015)

     Print/Ebook version

“The 88th Floor” in Techno-Goth Cthulhu (Red Skies Press, 2013)

     Print version of Techno-Goth Cthulhu     

“The Keeper” in The Realm Beyond magazine # 4 (Fortress Publishing, 2013)

     Print version of The Realm Beyond #4

     Reprinted in Detectives of the Fantastic, vol. 2 (Thirteen O’Clock Press, 2015)

     Print version

“There Will Always Be Dragons” in Lissette’s Tales of the Imagination #5 (December, 2012)

     Out of print

     Audio podcast version in Gallery of Curiosities, Episode 28

“The Big, Fat Lie” in parABnormal digest 3 (Sam’s Dot Publishing, 2012)

     Kindle version of parABnormal digest 3

     Reprinted in Waiting (Thirteen O’Clock Press, November 2015)

     Print version

“The Cauldron of Vanthos” in Mystic Signals 13 (WolfSinger Publications, 2012)

     Print version of Mystic Signals 13

     Reprinted in Barbarian Crowns II (Iron Butterfly Press, February 2016)

     Print version

“Johnny’s Monster” in Enter at Your Own Risk: Old Masters, New Voices (AS Publications, 2011)

     Kindle version of Enter at Your Own Risk

     Print version of Enter at Your Own Risk

     Reprinted in Detectives of the Fantastic, Vol. 3 (Thirteen O’Clock Press, 2016)

     Print version

“La Tierra de la Sangre” in Theaker’s Fiction Quarterly 18 (Silver Age Books, 2007)

     PDF version of Theaker’s Fiction Quarterly 18

     Print version of Theaker’s Fiction Quarterly 18

“The Doom of Mournshire” in The Sleepless Sands (Earlyworks Press, 2006)

     Print version of The Sleepless Sands

     Reprinted in Mystic Signals magazine #22 (August 2014)

     Print version of Mystic Signals #22